BADAL X Treatment Procedure

In summary


During an intake procedure the surgeon evaluates whether you are a suitable candidate for BADAL X. During this intake you will also be informed about the procedure. After signing informed consent you will be scheduled for surgery.


The implantation of BADAL X is performed two stages. Depending on the preferences and soft tissue conditions, the implantation may be performed single stage. In the first stage, a titanium implant is implanted into the bone of the residual limb. If necessary the length of the bone is adjusted and redundant soft tissue removed. After implantation the wound is closed to create a sterile condition for bone-implant integration. After 4 to 6 weeks the second surgery is performed whereby a small skin opening (stoma) is created to allow the attachment of the prosthesis with a quick attach and release connector. After surgery, you will receive instructions on how to clean your stoma. The prosthetist will attach and align your prosthesis using the existing prosthetic components (knee/foot).


One week after surgery, rehabilitation starts. You will learn step-by-step how to load your prosthesis and how to walk with crutches. In general, a ‘below knee amputee’ will complete this rehabilitation in four weeks. ‘Above knee amputees’ complete rehabilitation in six to twelve weeks.