Osseointegration Implants

OTNI intramedullary osseointegration implants are made of Titanium Aluminium Niobium alloy (Ti6Al7Nb ISO5832/11). The bone contact area of the implants have a porous titanium plasma sprayed (TPS 2) coating for maximum osseointegration capacity. The average coating thickness is 350 µm ± 50 µm and 55 µm ± 15 µm roughness with 30% ± 10% porosity and >22 MPa adhesive strength. The OTNI custom made implants have a 3D printed surface mesh

The anchorage of the OTN implants is achieved through primary press fit stabilization without the use of bone cement. The devices do not contain ferromagnetic materials.


OTNI OFP Femur Stem + Prox Screw + Healing Plug

OTN31101    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø15x140

OTN31102    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø16x140

OTN31103    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø17x140

OTN31104    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø18x140

OTN31105    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø19x140

OTN31106    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø20x140

OTN31107    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø21x140

OTN31108    OTNI OFP Femur Stem Ø22x140







OTNI DC Adapter +  Locking Screw

OTN31201      OTNI DC Adapter Sz 70

OTN31202      OTNI DC Adapter Sz 80

OTN31203      OTNI DC Adapter Sz 90

OTN31204      OTNI DC Adapter Sz 100

OTN31205      OTNI DC Adapter Sz 110



OTNi femur osseointegration system




OTN click safety adapter


OTNI OFP femoral osseointegration system