BADAL X Stoma Care

OTN Implants recommends to clean the stoma twice a day to prevent skin and soft tissue irritation/infections.

Stoma care starts from the first day after stage two BADAL X implantation surgery. The stoma may still bleed a little during the first week. Therefore, it is recommended to softly rinse the stoma with the shower during the first weeks. You may also use simple soap or shampoo. After cleaning, unfold a 10x10cm gauze, wrap it around the DCA and tie it tightly around the DCA. The gauze pads do not have to be sterile.

Cleaning instructions:

1. Remove the gauze pad

2. Rinse the stoma with the shower head or the Braun Oral B, Oxyjet or the Panasonic Dentalcare EW 1211 irrigator. This device can be ordered on the internet. For your convenience, we recommend you to purchase an irrigator with adjustable water jet levels and with a water tank integrated, for example, in the handle. 

Braun Oral-B Irrigator

Panasonic Dentalcare Irrigator

3. Remove dried deposits (plaque) on the BADAL X parts by gently flossing with a gauze pad, water and soap

4. Make sure that the stem of BADAL X that penetrates through the skin is smooth and free of deposits

5. Massage the skin and muscles during rinsing and ensure that no adhesions occur between the stoma inner lining and BADAL X

6. After rinsing, dry the stoma with a towel. If necessary, cover the stoma with a gauze. Unfold a 10x10cm gauze, wrap the gauze around the BADAL X stem and make a knot. 

7. Only cover the stoma with a gauze when there is some discharge from the stoma. The purpose of using a stoma gauze is to prevent stains on the clothes. Note: The stoma coverage is not intended to keep bacteria out of the stoma.

If the stoma is irritated/inflamed (pain, redness and pus formation):

1. Rinse with chlorhexide 0.5% in alcohol 70% (available at the pharmacy) twice a day, after cleaning the stoma and/or,

2. Apply Fucidin acid hydrophilic ointment (20 mg/g) twice a day on and in the stoma (available at the pharmacy)

3. If, despite everything, the stoma remains troubled (pain, redness and pus formation) ask your GP to prescribe antibiotics for at least 10 days

If scar tissue/hypergranulation occurs at the edge of the stoma:

1. Apply Terra-Cortril + Polymyxin B ointment (contains; hydrocortisone/oxytetracycline/polymyxin B, with prescription) twice a day, after cleaning the stoma. Stop using the ointment once the tissue is gone and never use this ointment longer than four consecutive weeks.

If the stoma is dry and sticks to the implant (burning/stabbing sensation)

1. Apply 1 to 2 ml Instillagel (contains lidocaine hydrochloride 0.23 g and chlorhexidine gluconate 0.0057 g, with prescription) every hour of the day deep into the stoma using a Medela silicone finger feeding tip (available on the internet) placed on top of the Instillagel syringe. After use, rinse the silicone finger feeding tip with warm water and reuse. Use the gel frequently in case of a dry and sticky stoma, or

2. Apply Vaseline to the stoma and the stem of BADAL X.